Shop Here to Help Save Them... THEY SAVED US!

Shop Here to Help Save Them... THEY SAVED US!
Our Troops who've Served in the past, Who are still with us, NEED OUR HELP!!!
Our soldiers that are fortunate enough to make it back home to there families, are either permanently handicapped because of missing limbs from being struck by explosives or even worse, they have such bad PTSD that they never really came home at all, and life will never be the same, but with a lot of help they can get close.
Unfortunately, PTSD is something that "some" soldiers can't handle and they take their own lives, leaving their loved ones in grief. A US study showed that roughly every "65 minutes" a soldier will take their life because of PTSD, that's a shocking "22" per day.
Shopping here supports Veterans who come home with "any" sort of problem that stops them from living a normal life that they deserve to live after protecting our freedom and families abroad and allows them to once again be with loved ones, and for some, play with their children again.